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    Default Swing trading set-up pick service?

    Hi does anyone know of a good place that gives out swing trading set-ups on a daily basis? I have 2 jobs now and I dont't have time to be scanning and stuff, just need good set ups where I can follow my trading plan with minimal effort.
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    Just send me the money that you were going to trade with using any of the stock picking services, and save what you were going to pay them, you will come out ahead.

    Those that can do, do, those that can't teach, or try to sell their picks to somebody else.
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    I meant a free service, but never mind I found a pretty good site. I just intended to look for a service that saved me the time of having to do scans manually and just have some swing set-ups for me to look at and decide if they are viable.
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    Free services are usually talking their own book. In most cases they are pumping up the stocks they already own in hopes they can get enough people to buy into the stock to push the price up so they can cash out.

    There is no substitute for doing your own research.

    If you don't have the time, or the inclination to do it, then you are better off leaving it to the pro's to do it for you. There are several that post on this forum that I am sure would be willing to help you out.
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    stockfetcher. code what you want based on your own research. backtest as needed. some folks will help with coding questions and you may find a screen on the forum you can tweak.

    careful of can be addicting.

    Invaluable. It won't tell you what to trade, but will find what YOU are looking for. I use it for statistics.

    The free version will likely do what you need.

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