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Thread: Best option forCar PCP Final Payment - Keeping car

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    Best option forCar PCP Final Payment - Keeping car

    I have a short PCP which is coming to an end, with a final payment of 12k and I've decided to keep the car.

    I could get a loan, but it's been suggested I might be able to use a 0% credit card. But I suspect that would be considered a cash advance and the rates might be tricky.

    Does anyone have any experience / suggestions please?

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    I suspect the suggestion was to get a money transfer card and just pay the fee in return for the promo rate.

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    I just settled a PCP agreement, they wouldn't accept debit or credit card, only a bank transfer.

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    That's useful - thanks.

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    That's why money transfer to the account was recommended (at promotional 0% rate) and then you settle PCP with cash or debit card linked to your account.

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    If you don't get a large enough offer on a money transfer card, I just settled my PCP in December with a loan from Zopa at 2.8%...they do a softsearch first.

    My wife settled hers with a loan at 2.8% with the AA (through Bank of Ireland) as Zopa offered her a rate of 8.9%.

    Both also offered cashback via Topcashback at the time of around 40-50 so worth checking (don't apply only because of the cashback - get the best rate loan!).

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