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    Minimum Purchase Price

    Do others feel embarrassed when they walk into Lidl and buy a 45p pint of milk on their credit card because they need an extra direct debit for their bank account?

    I have 4 credit cards which I have set up direct debits to pay them in full but normally use my Nationwide credit card for the cashback.

    So every week I use a different credit card to buy a pint of milk from Lidl which gives me 4 direct debits.

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    Does it state the direct debits need to be making payments, or just be "active" on your account?

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    Haha, this is not worth even the paper for the receipt but there's nothing to be embarrassed of. Some other users here have reported that their CC companies wouldn't collect the direct debit worth less than 50p though. I think you better spend a bit more than 1.00 just to be on the safe side.

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    I never feel embarrassed to buy small priced items in shops. I usually use their self service tills and tend to pay by Apple pay.

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    I don't know, I have set them up to replace my Tesco savings direct debits.

    Two for my Vantage account and 2 for my Reward account as I have my "proper" DDs in my Santander account to get the cashback.

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