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    Someone mentioned this BlastGard International Inc. on the border security thread started by weatherbill. I decided to start its own thread with some DD. It looks like a very interesting concept and company. Check it out!


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    The Company's focus is to become the premier provider of blast mitigation products with immediate application for commercial business, government agencies and OEM product suppliers. The Company's technology goes far beyond the current protection paradigm, detection and prevention of security breaches, by offering real protection in the event something goes wrong. BGI recognizes that no system can detect or prevent all intentional and especially unintentional explosive mishaps. The Company believes that it has developed a technology that significantly completes the security system. When detection and prevention strategies fail, BlastWrap? offers protection against explosions.

    BlastGard International Inc. has been created to develop, design, manufacture and market proprietary blast mitigation materials. Patent pending BlastWrap? technology has proven to effectively mitigate blasts and suppress flash fires regardless of the material or compound causing the explosion. This unique technology can be used to create new finished products or designed to retrofit existing products. While the need for this technology has always been present, the security and safety concerns resulting from the September 11, 2001 acts and the subsequent development of Homeland Security make the timing of the Company’s emergence even more important. The Company's core market focus is on blast effects mitigation for the commercial sector, military, law enforcement and government agencies.
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    BlastWrap? is based upon well-defined principles and suppresses blast pressures by 50% or more. BlastWrap? products are made from two flexible films arranged one over the other and joined by a plurality of seams filled with attenuating filler material (volcanic glass bead or other suitable two-phase materials), configurable (designed for each application) with an extinguishing coating that offers a revolutionary blast protection system against blast and fire/burn threats. BlastWrap? can be wrapped around or conform to any shape. BlastWrap? is a concept (not a chemical compound) from which blast protection products are built to save lives and reduce damage to valuable assets from explosions.
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    Check out these videos of their product:


    GSA Contract GS-07F-5769R, effective April 15, 2005

    ? To purchase through GSA, click here.

    BlastWrap? is made from two laminated films the bottom one of which is thermo-formed into a cavity or pocket(s) and into which is put blast attenuating filler materials including volcanic glass bead or other suitable two-phase materials and a blend of extinguishants. The top film is then sealed onto the lower film forming a durable, flexible and configurable (designed for each application) product that offers unique and revolutionary blast mitigation/protection against all blast and fire/burn threats. BlastWrap? is a blast mitigation assembly that can be wrapped around or conform to any shape. BlastWrap? is a material (not a chemical compound) from which blast protection products are built to save lives and reduce explosion damage to people and valuable assets. All BlastWrap? components are “COTS”.

    BlastWrap? technology is unparalleled in dramatically mitigating the destructive effects of blasts of all kinds, including high explosives and other solids, gases and fuel/air deflagrations. BlastGard International's passive mitigation technology is unique and we believe that blast mitigation is a cornerstone of emergency management because it dramatically reduces the impact explosions have on people and property.

    BlastWrap? is scientifically engineered and designed to remove much or most of the energy from explosions that impinge upon them. BlastWrap? works by dissipating blast energy through irreversible processes while at the same time quenching flame fronts or fireballs created as a result of an explosion. When incorporated into finished products, BlastWrap? protects in two basic categories: barrier and container. Barriers include temporary and permanent wall units; linings applied to walls, blast tables, suspended ceiling materials, suspended free standing or floor mounted barriers, and modular barrier or revetment kits. Containers embrace everything from boxes to magazines, including wheeled mobile storage units in which explosives can be safely moved from one work station or site to another.

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