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    Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. manufacture and sell (directly and through distributors and sublicensees), in non-United States countries, plastic intraoral devices known as Anterior Midpoint Stop Appliances (AMPSA Products). The AMPSA Products are used for the treatment and prevention of common neurological and temporomandibular disorders including migraine headaches, migraine pain and bruxism. It sells its AMPSA Products under its registered trademarks AMPSA CS and Migran-X, and under the legacy in-licensed trademarks NTI and NTI-tss . The Company also provides AMPSA-related educational programs. AMPSA Products include a patented design that the Company refers to as the discluding element. This discluding element prevents the posterior and canine teeth from clenching, thereby preventing the triggering pathology leading to many migraine headaches from occurring.
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    Sub penny stock, looks to be getting some pump from somewhere, +185% this morning, very thin trader
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    Now +330% @0.0124

    If you are long, get the hell out now!
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    Be aware that this is a highly volatile and heavily manipulated stock here.

    It was at 0.02 last week and everybody ways celebrating, then it got smacked to 0.003, yes, that is an extra zero behind the decimal point.

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