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    Default Oil spill stocks?

    ACLH, BCLE, BUGS, EVXA have been strong the last 2 trading days because of the oil spill in the Gulf. Will their strength continue?
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    PRRY - bought into them last week after they were on the radio talking about how they can clean up oil. They met with BP today and signed on to do clean up. Currently up 15% today to .67. Before the spill the were in the .10-.15 range, I got in at .50.
    Come on $500.00 TDCP!!!!
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    I've been in and out of

    BUGS with free shars in each. I only took a reload in EVXA
    Missed out on MOPN and just ride the freebees

    I'm praying for news in EVXA soon. One of these small coastal communities will pick these guys up. Who wants to wait on BP or Obama? You get the Superdome again. I think its gonna come from the States or local Gulf beach towns. They are loaded with cash. Floridia is a wasted case. They told the populas 'Not' to clean the beaches????? NUTS! They want a disaster to further their agenda of no drilling on their West coast.

    I'll be looking at yalls picks in the AM.

    Always need another Board with fresh thoughts.
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    PMDP is another with a super high O/S and some new technology, LOL!

    I tried to post a wonderful News link just put out by our friends at FIRNA, but not an active member of the forum yet, but this is it below.
    A must read, for any newbe looking at these, and you old heads too..

    Oil Spill Stock Scams—Don’t Get Cleaned Out by False Cleanup Claims

    The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico poses more than an environmental and economic threat to the region. It also poses a financial threat to investors in the form of scams promising financial gains from investments in companies that claim to be involved in cleanup operations.

    Millions of dollars are being spent daily on short-term cleanup of the spill, which began in April 2010 with a blowout at an oil-drilling platform off the coast of Louisiana. The cost of long-term remediation remains unknown given the uncertainty about the extent of damage to the environment, the fishing industry and tourism.
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    The staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA are issuing this alert to warn investors about potential scams that exploit the Gulf oil spill and related cleanup efforts. While some of the companies touting their role in the cleanup may be legitimate, others could be bogus operations that are only looking to clean out unsuspecting investors.

    In a recent action, on May 25, the SEC suspended trading in shares of ACT Clean Technologies Inc., of Huntington Beach, Calif. The Commission took this action because of questions about the accuracy and adequacy of publicly disseminated information concerning, among other things: (1) British Petroleum’s purported expression of interest in using a so-called oil fluidizer technology purportedly licensed to ACT’s wholly-owned subsidiary for use in cleanup operations in the Gulf of Mexico; and (2) the purported results of field tests finding that the oil fluidizers are effective for use in cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

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