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    Default Anyone Here Doing Fully Automated Trading?

    t seems quite rare to do it, thus; seems that those who do so prefer to keep their mouths shut.
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    I am using a fully automated EA with my MT4 platform. It performed well for a week but last week went ape and lost half my account. Lucky it was still only a demo account.

    What do you use ?
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    Alright; what system were you using, and what was your money management strategy? How much do you wager per trade? Was it 5%, or more? How much of a downgrade were you prepared for?

    Me, I haven't even started, yet; I'm trying to learn what to expect. what were your expectations?
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    As stated I use MT4, a free platform. There are hundreds of free indicators and EAs. The one I used last week cost $15. If I could programme well I would stand a better chance of making a profitable one, I guess.

    There are expensive systems you can buy from companies like Biocomp and Ward systems. A lot of work must have gone into both. I bought a copy of the former years ago but it wouldn't quite make consistant profits.

    They are both US made and have loads of upgrades and add-ons, all of which cost more. I have had a look recently but it looks too expensive for a realistic chance of consistant profits.
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    What motivated you pay money for something that lost you half your account? Demo or not, that interests me greatly.

    The people selling automated systems, why do you think they choose to do that rather than just trade it themselves?

    Genuinely interested in your thoughts on these two issues.

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