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Thread: Skinny Latte's Mortgage Mugging

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    Skinny Latte's Mortgage Mugging

    Wow this is a bit scary, leaving my safe little diary on the debt free wannabe board and starting a brand new sparkly diary here. It's like getting rid of an old teddy

    So here I am a MFW, ready to take on my mortgage and use any means possible, mainly legal, to get rid of it as soon as possible. So a few facts

    My Mortgage
    17 years and 5 months left to pay
    Interest is 2.49% interest only.

    About me
    Fairly good job, single, 2 kids aged 17 &18 one is in full time education and the other about to start a full time job.
    I have a couple of additional forms of income, a youtube channel, a information 'adsense' website and a drop shipping website. These pay for my car and mobile phone at the moment, if I dedicated a bit more time and energy to them they might pay for a lot more...!

    I would be delighted to be rid of this mortgage in 10 years, when the world will become my lobster - lets see what's possible

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    Welcome aboard the road to Freedomville

    Great to see you over here and prepare for OP addiction

    Lobster That's all!

    Subscribed for stalking

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    I made the scary leap 24 days ago lolol so welcome and can't wait to read your diary xx

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