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Thread: Purchasing Land

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    Purchasing Land

    Hi everyone,
    I realise this forum area is for property talk, but does anyone have any experience of purchasing land in the UK?

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    Depends on what you mean by purchasing land: how much, what grade, what purpose?

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    I did look into the possibility of buying a small wood. Not so much for the investment point of view, but it was something I always fancied. The wood in question would have cost 35K and would be ready to crop in about 10 years. But eventually I decided I'd left it a bit too late. The wood would need managing, rubbish clearance, fences maintained and the like, and I would be well over 80 by the time it would need cropping. Had I been younger. . . . . . . But then, when I was younger I had neither the time or the money. But I can dream.

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    It would be to lock some money away then potentially sell for a profit. Looking for an investment that is low maintenance.

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    I can't see direct ownership of land being maintenance-free. Even though in the right circumstances it might help with IHT.

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    it isn't maintenance free, but it shouldn't need much up keep. Beware of annual taxes though.

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