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    One World Holdings, Inc., formerly Environmental Safeguards, Inc., is engaged in the business of development and production of various lines of multi-cultural dolls. The Company is focused on The One World Doll Project. The Company operates through its subsidiary, The One World Doll Project, Inc. The Company offers over 12 inches line of dolls, which are labeled the Prettie Girls!, and includes over four various multi-cultural doll designs, namely, Dahlia, Valencia, Kimani and Lena. Its second line of dolls includes The Prettie Girls! Tween Scene, which are over 16 inches doll line. The Company’s over 16 inches dolls has additions, such as Hana (Asian) and Alexie (Caucasian). The Company offers its products under Prettie Girls!, The REAL Prettie Girls! and Tween Scene dolls brands.
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    onner has designed dolls for such contemporary films as Harry Potter, Spider-Man 3, and Twilight
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    Tonner Dolls and Tonner Character Figures™ are designed for the adult collector who appreciates extraordinary quality and attention to detail. Inspired by the world of high fashion, Tonner Fashion Doll themes include fantasy, vintage sophistication and cutting-edge contemporary, each expressed in the exquisite clothing and accessories accompanying each doll. Tonner Character Figures™ come from a wide range of themes from film, television and popular culture. Check out their website at:
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    Going to be a big player in the toy industry: On Feb 25th, $OWOO announced the formation of Tonner-One World & a multi-year licensing deal!
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    Some dolls are made for rough play and others are collectibles. The ones for Harry Potter, for example are more for show. as you can see here

    The #PrettieGirls dolls are more for play. You can check them out here

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