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Thread: S&p 500 ucits etf (vusa)

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    S&p 500 ucits etf (vusa)

    Hello just looking for some info before I invest for the first time. I am wanting to setup a index fund for the next 24 years and was looking at the s and p 500 and the global all cap index fund. Pretty sure i want to go with the S&P 500 UCITS ETF (VUSA) on the vanguard uk website. Just wanted to ask before I invest, its says the ongoing charge is 0.07% and what exactly is this for and what other changes is there for such a account? Also is vanguard the best website in the UK to go with for low fees ? Also how do you find out how much dividends it pays ? I cant see that on the page


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    You can see the dividend yield if you click on Distributions - it currently yields 1.47%. The ongoing charge is what Vanguard take for managing the fund for you i.e. paying their staff, admin expenses. They also charge an account fee of 0.15% up to a maximum of 375 per year, which is pretty cheap for a percentage fee platform. Whether it is the cheapest way to hold funds/ETFs depends on how often you plan to add to your portfolio. iWeb for example have no account fee but charge 5 per deal.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Its a isa account i plan to open so will be probably be paying in at least one time per month

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    Have a tinker with that to see which platform would suit your needs at a reasonable cost.

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    Im just looking at the FTSE Global All Cap Index Fund - Accumulation what would you say is better the s and p is 0.07% fees with 1.47% dividends vs 0.24% fees with 1.74% dividends reason im asking is because ive just finished the book unshakable and the author goes on about how important it is to have low fees and because the author is America he refers to the s and p 500 a few times in the book, thats why im slightly leaning towards the s and p 500

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