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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this one ever since KEESH.S picked this small gem (slaps self for using a pun unintentionally). It is trading at new highs on very high expanding volume; usually a sign of more to come.

    I wanted to get in wayyyy earlier but my funds didn't settle yet so I just barely got in this morning at $11.25.

    Last five days it has been up 44.93%.
    One month: 88.38%
    YTD: 175.86%
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    Currently trading at 12.48 After Hours
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    Nice chart, I wish I was in. Good pick Keesh.
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    I thought I was misreading something when I saw my name on here...I feel very very honored...thanks for mentioning.

    I'm glad I got to contribute here! Pretty cool this pick is actually helping people make money...

    BTW, remember to take the profit especially if its a flipping stock. It's gone up a little too high now.
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    Thank you, Aiki...but your resume on here is much more impressive to me I'm just tryin to be like you!

    PS. This week, I picked LTXX but contemplated between that and MOVI. They are both looking tremendous but MOVI has had bigger % gains this week and chart indicators are looking little better than LTXX...especially the ADX. MOVI just might do what JADE did...who knows...(I added MOVI today though.) Good luck to you all!

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