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Thread: What does 'resident' mean in council tax?

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    What does 'resident' mean in council tax?

    My mum's been overcharged on her council tax and one reason seems to be that the council believe that I'm a resident at her house and that I'm not a student.

    In fact I live elsewhere most of the year and am a full time student.

    Now we have two possible arguments to apply for a refund:
    a) I'm a student
    b) I don't live there

    I got a certificate of student status from the university and sent it to the council but they're are being too banal about what they accept as evidence so b) seems an easier argument.

    The only problem is that I do in fact live there over most of the summer and for a few weeks spread over the rest of the year. So what does resident mean? If I live there for a few months a year am I a resident?

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    It is clearly your main residence, proved by your return there for every university vacation, so don't bother with that argument. If you are a full-time student then as long as your mother is the sole remaining occupant over eighteen she should receive a 25% discount on the full council tax.

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    Cheers. My mum is also a student but the council are also not liking her certificate of student status. Once we have it all sorted out she should be paying no council tax.

    I'll contact my tutor and get some more evidence.

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    Are you registered elsewhere on the electoral roll?

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    That wouldn't be relevant, since you can be on two electoral registers through residence, but the council tax criterion is about permanent residence. A student living away from the parental home in term time but returning for vacations is permanently resident at the place where his parents live.

    In any event, the student exemptions will be enough.

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