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    Default Wow, Tim Sykes is promoting a stock today?!

    Thought everyone should check this blog post I found. Tim Sykes and his publisher have been paid $100,000 to promote IRYS.

    This is the first time he's accepted money to release a pick. Pretty crazy, must be a good one!
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    Here is a chart of today's action. You can see that except for the first few minutes when shares rose, nobody buying today is seeing a gain. The insiders bought this stock over the last few weeks, and now they are dumping it to a new set of suckers, those who think they are frontrunning the usual set of suckers.
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    If Sykes wasn't a douchebag before, he is one now. Funny he rips promoters left and right, and then becomes one. Maybe to make a point of how easy it is to manipulate these things and then he can short the crap out of it later. Who knows. I guess time will tell. I won't be buying IRYS unless the chart shapes up better for a day/overnight trade possibility.
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    The newsletter Skypes sent out today is boasting about how he alerted everyone before the market opened. However, if you look at the chart, the stock sold only a few shares before jumping to the high of the day. How many traders are going to be filled at the open and figure out it is time to sell 90 minutes later? The promoters are just taking this one step further than before, by paying for pre-pumps as well as the regular pumps.
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