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    since the gap down stock is in an overall down trend with a short term uptrend in place currently. Has a daily squeeze which looks like it is going to trigger long, which should push this past the $20.00 price target I have on it.

    This one I traded on unusual option activity on the March '14 $20.00 calls.
    On 11/14 Paper bought 9500 Mar '14 $20.00 calls ($1.24 million cash outlay)
    On 11/15 Paper bought 5000 Mar '14 $20.00 calls ($750K cash outlay)
    On 12/6 Paper bought 4900 Mar '14 $20.00 calls ($490K cash outlay)

    I am currently long the March '14 $20.00 calls (100lot @ .90 av
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    Dan today has broken above the over head trend line as well as triggered long on the daily squeeze.
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    DAN gap pre-market. Putting those calls ITM (In The Money), I will be taking profits on half of these options on the open once the spreads settles in.
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    DAN up large on early earnings release

    Sold half my position today 50lot @ 1.45 +.55 (+2750)

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