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Thread: Zopa Loans Chance of acceptance

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    Zopa Loans Chance of acceptance


    I have just completed the basic "soft Search" through the Zopa loans web site to see if I would be accepted and at what rate. It came back with a fair rate and offered the click here to proceed with this loan. Has anyone had experience of this soft search and if it is likely to result in a loan offer? The reason I ask, is that I haven't got the best credit score and I don't want to damage it further by a "hard search" on my credit file, if they are just going to turn me down.

    Thank you for any help and experiences you can share.

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    You're not guaranteed but it's a good start.

    One search will have minimal effect on your file. You don't have a credit score, just credit history, so ignore any changes in the CRA numbers

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    hi,i was accepted for a zopa loan last year,the rate was excellent and so easy to apply for,i never spoke to a human once!.good luck.

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    1 hard search once in a while won't damage your score terribly; it's if you're lashing out, applying for a lot of credit at once that'll do the damage.
    My credit rating is rubbish and i was accepted for a zopa loan...the rate is pretty high at 18.9% Apr but it's for debt consolidation and the credit cards I'm paying off are 26.9% so it's better than that,
    So far, can't fault Zopa at all!

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