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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve got to start off by saying that this may seem like a small issue but, to me I really need to get it resolved.

    I have taken out a few small loans from sunny and PiggyBank (instalment loans) I’m now finding it very difficult to maintain the payments. I’ve been in trouble with money before. Now I’ve sorted myself out and finally started to build credit over the past few months I’ve put myself into a similar position but not as bad. I only went to these people because my credit was so poor this was the only way I could get the money I needed. I find myself now in a mess again and I really do not want to default on any of these payments as it’ll affect my credit score and I’ll have to start again and wait for the defaults to get off my credit score.

    I was thinking if I could get a consolidation loan for the two of them and make it into one payment that would be more affordable and easier to manage.

    Any suggestions other than a guarantor loan?

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    No more loans. It's not going to work.

    Head to the DFW boards. They'll help you cut costs and work out the best way to deal with your creditors

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    Go over to debt-free wannabee and post a statement of affairs

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    If these loans are the only ones you can get then consolidation will probably have a bigger APR than you have now.

    Guarantor loan = ruin someone elses credit rating as well as your own?

    Having a guarantor wont put extra wages into your pocket or make you spend less.

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