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Thread: Santander “lost” my car finance payment

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    Santander “lost” my car finance payment


    This is my first time here and I wanted to know if anyone can advise a course of action to this horrible situation.

    So in November 2017 I was driving my car on the motorway and I was hot from behind by another driver. He accepted liability and his insurance company paid out. My car was a write off and no one was hurt thankfully.

    Moving on, I contacts my insurance company and asked what was the policy with paying out for the vehicle. They informed me that they would pay out the current value of my car directly to the finance company Santander via cheque.

    The amount to pay was 6999 which left about 400 left to pay off the remaining finance amount. So I expected to continue 2 more months of payments to Santander from my account.

    Moving on 4 weeks I began to get letter from Santander about being in arrears. So I called them and told them about the large payout and the car being written off. They told me they did not know about any payment or car write off.
    So I contacted my insurance company and asked them if the money had been cashed by Santander and they said yes 1 month ago.

    So I called Santander and gave permission for my car insurance company to talk with them on my behalf. Santander denied all knowledge of any payment to my finance agreement.

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    Fact: the finance agreement number had been written on the back of the cheque from LV to Santander and LV made me aware that this amount of money had been cashed by Santander.

    I am currently awaiting the physical image of the cheque from LV to prove evidence that they actually did send the cheque this takes between 6-8 weeks apparently.

    So I am being chased but Santander for money they have obviously placed towards someone else's finance agreement. Why would LV lie about money being cashed by Santander. Especially since they got the finance agreement number from Santander via my vehicle registration number or some database.

    So for sure I know I'm in a win win situation as either LV are lying or Santander made a massive mistake.

    I want to 1. Get compensation and also this smells like a breech of FSA rules somewhere.

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    All very good until the third line from the bottom.

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    It's an admin error. No lies, no conspiracies, no cover ups.

    It will get sorted. You might get 50 goodwill but there will be no need for compensation as you won't have suffered a loss.

    It doesn't breach Food Standards Agency regs, or even FCA regs as long as they sort it out.

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    1 tip I have for you is to post it only once, let the board guides or other posters decide if its more suited to another part of the forum.

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