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Thread: PCP finance Calculator Spreadsheet - Comments opinions

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    PCP finance Calculator Spreadsheet - Comments opinions


    Having recently been looking for a new car for Mrs RDG I found it frustrating that I couldn't quickly calculate the cost of PCP finance, ie the interest paid over a year etc. So Ive built a spreadsheet on Google Docs which I think works but Id like some opinions or people to run it against real quotes.

    Heres the link

    The intention is to then add comparisons to bank loans and other financing options, although setting the GMV to 0 should give you a HP option straight off.

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    when i put in my actual figures from the car I have it came out with the same figures as your chart, and both within a few of what i actually pay per month

    Would it be good to have a total amount payed over the life of the agreement (or is it there and I just didn't see it )

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    Thanks Paully glad its working for more than just the one example I have.

    Thats a good point Il add that to the top.

    Yeah i found that calculator as well but I wanted to see what the remaining sum was at different points. That way you can see when you might be out of negative equity.

    My intention is that I can use it on my phone when at a dealers to see what effect changing the deposit amount will be, and seeing what target monthly payments to suggest when negotiating.

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    Sorry should have said, it is great chart and gives so much more info than the website above.

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    Put my details in and it came out perfectly as far as I can tell (give or take a few pence).

    Great work, really interesting to see how much gets paid to what each month.

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