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    My name is Andy and I’m a new member of this forum. I wanted to introduce myself and give a little information about why I’m here.

    I’m 33 years of age and just getting into the stock market. I’ve been interested in the market for about 10 years but never did anything about it until recently. I don’t know what it was, maybe the idea of working from home, being my own boss and financial freedom were a few.

    I’m currently interested in being an active trader “swing trader” and hopefully finding enough success in that to eventually become a “day trader”. I’ve read 4 books thus far.

    • A Beginners Guide to Short-Term Trading
    • Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, second edition
    • Swing Trading as a Part Time Job
    • Trend Trading for a Living

    I’ve learned a lot from those books. “Trend Trading for a Living” is my favorite book I’ve read, a lot of great information in there. Actually, they were all pretty good, except for “Swing Trading as a Part Time Job” that wasn’t all that great.

    Anyway, As you can see I’m interested in Technical Analysis mixed with a small dose of Fundamental Awareness.
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    I think I will be using some screens from the books I’ve read, and hopefully some thing I’ll be learning here at this forum. I also imagine myself using MSN’s Stock Scouter as a quick look at a stocks strength. Also it give’s a great rating system based on some important fundementals. I also see myself using Yahoo Finance for some indepth company research. Choice Trade also as in-depth company info within the platform itself. So, with these 3 power houses, I should have a great look into a stocks strengths. It will be good to have 3 seperate views on one stock to form an overall opinion.

    I’m thinking that I’m going to set up my watch lists based on a top down list. Bull or Bear market first. Then Sector analysis, then picking a stock from the sector that is trending the way I want and ready for an entry.

    I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to approach this, which I’ll more then likely learn with more experience.

    I’ve played poker for about 15 year and had some mild success. (not comparing stocks to poker) So, I have the stomach for what I’m getting myself into. I have the patience and attention to detail needed to study charts looking for the right entry point. I have an excitement and drive to be apart of something so awesome.

    So, I wanted to introduce myself and ask if you had any opinions or advice based on what I’ve written above.
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    search for posts by aiki14 regarding ETFs before you touch one , in here. dont touch one until you do.

    you have to find a trading style that works for you, you will see people discuss various methods in here. have to find what risk you are comfortable with.

    be wary of TV, cramer, etc.

    use the simulators and contests in here , and paper before risking real money.
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    hey andy. i found it difficult to keep track of many stocks when i was starting. i'd forgot about the stock scanning stuff for now, and just focus on following the major indices and some sectors or just a few of the well known stocks. really pay attention to the price action of what you are following, narrow in on specific areas and watch the buyers\sellers battle it out around key levels. if you can afford the time, i'd recommend just sitting there for most of the day and watch the trading roll out in front of you in real time - and imagine how you'd feel if you were short or long.

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