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    Default Fima - 12.7m float

    12M float (Ungagged T/A!)
    New filings recently at
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    FIMA CEO states:

    - Expect an update (PR) from the company within the next 2 weeks.

    - He said that they are dropping the price of their 2 properties in Mexico in order to sell them quickly. They will still make profit from them and will pay off the little debt they have and use the new funds for buying properties in the US and or precious metal property.
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    He didn't go through with the last precious metal acquisition because they would have had to dilute the shareholders.

    - The float is the same as stated, it has not changed in a year and won't change for a long time. He's highly against diluting the shareholders.
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    As events unfold, there will be PRs to update the shareholders.
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    With the float staying the same (12.7M), there's no where to go but UP imo.

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