Thread: What would you do if the world ended in two weeks ?

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    Default What would you do if the world ended in two weeks ?

    I'm in the process of create my own Manga with a friend, but first i need to collect date/do research
    Q: if you found out that the world would be ending in two weeks, what would you over the course of the next two weeks ? honest
    Q: What do you think the general public will react ?
    Q: How do you think the major religions would react ?
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    First of all, good luck with the manga.
    Q1: Probably start killing people that I secretly never liked, b/c why not.
    Q2: I imagine most people will panic and start doing all types of crazy shit.
    Q3: idk, pray to God or try to get other people to believe it's all the wrath of God or w/e religious types do.
    Again good luck to you with the writing. These things are just my opinions.
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    thanks man, i have have a strong feeling my manga will get the one punch man treatment
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    I don't know really know to be honest. Being confronted with your mortality is never easy but I've never been a wild person nor am I that way inclined. I'd want to spend it with the people I love the most. Maybe tell that special someone how I feel or something. Q2: Mass looting/rioting. Chaos incarnate followed by widespread anarchy. Humanity would collapse in on itself.
    Q3: I imagine most would want to spread a calming message. Like trying to make people feel at peace with a hope beyond that which lies ahead. Something like that.

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