Thread: What's the best kind of trading for a beginner?

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    Default What's the best kind of trading for a beginner?

    Stocks? Forex? Options? Commodities? Or doesn't matter?
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    I'm gonna say "options" The reason being is that you can define your risk, stay small, create lots of occurrences and learn more as you can trade more. Just don't be a "premium buyer".....give yourself a chance. google Tastytrade
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    I would say stocks but use an oscillator strategy. Most stocks move up and down within bands - depending on good or bad news stories that might impact on performance. Look at low and highs positions and buy in lows and sell in highs.

    I use a free utility web app that emails me when the prices go above or below my targets. You can also track currencies Fx on it. No credit card or bank details needed. is the site.

    I try to make 10-20% on each trade within 12 month period. It's a laid back approach to trading get the notifications and don't have to keep checking on prices.

    I also use guru focus and see what stocks billionaires are buying like warren Buffett george Soros.

    Good luck with whatever strategy you take!
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    I would pick forex trading over binary trading, in my opinion binary trading is just like a coin flip. With forex you have to go deeper and develop your own working strategy. Start with a demo account from a regulated broker and you are good to go. I would really avoid starting with a real money account at the beginning. And also trade with too many assets at the same time, EUR/USD is a good start. Hope that helps a little.
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    Isnt trading Forex and Options is much more like gambling? How can you ever base your 'investment' on something so volatile? - I mean sure, there must be some people who gain from that but
    how can you determine what to invest in ? (Even if everyone are rushing to the pound due to Brexit) There is just no guarantee that it will rise back up again.
    Value investing sounds much more appealing to me personally but then again, I am just a noob.
    Please enlighten and explain!

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