Thread: Do think it's useless to Daydream?

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    Default Do think it's useless to Daydream?

    I'm big on daydreaming and usually get really caught up in my daydreaming, I get so excitied in my daydreaming sometimes I start twitching of enjoyment from daydreaming or sometimes I really don't pay attention what I am doing. I've started thinking it's' kinda useless day dream
    What do you guys think?
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    Nope. I daydream and simulate conversations with myself all the time to the point I lose touch of reality. There was I time all I did in weeks was just daydream and not do my school related stuff. lol I feel pretty useless too but if you dream big and attract good vibes and that sort of stuff, it makes you feel good. So despite being useless, its really good for you. There are people who get the job done but inside, they're as dead as a corpse. I think you should remember that @staticdwanyemcduffie.
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    Think it's totally useless, all it does is wastes your time and distracts you from imporatant stuff and interrupts you from getting the success in life you can.
    Believe me I should know I spend 95% of my day daydreaming everyday

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