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    Default 300 pips per week trading system


    Anyone here knows a system wich can help you make 300 pips per week
    Thank you
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    Yes, I am selling 89 of them for ?1000 each when I get back from my cruise of the carribean in my 100ft yacht.
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    Just out of curiosity, how much would such a system be worth to you?
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    Along with your other thread it seems you don't realize the holy grail doesn't exist, and in the unlikely event it does, no one is ever going to just hand it over to you.

    Kinell son, get your nut in the game and don't trade off the smalls. Don't be like one of those damaged subterranean multinic fooktards. You've got to get match-hardened. It's not fookin rocket science, is it.

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