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    I found this website with the help of andwas wanting some opinion on something.

    I have been out of the trading game for a while aftr taking a bath in the post 9/11 tragedy and am potentially ready to start playing again.

    I work for Intel and have done pretty well this year via our employee stock purchase plan and was wanting some opinion about that.

    Twice a year we buy Intel stock at a 15% discount of the low price for the opening or closing 10 days (Whichever is the lowest price)....
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    I have made a good call to this point for this year as my realized gain on the shares I have purchased for the 2 buying periods has realized a 62% gain. I still own thesde shares but wonder if I should sell in the hope of going out to the current market and finding a better return at this point.

    We will be purchasing stock again in February and it will be better than a 15% return given the August 07 price will be lower than this Februarys price....
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    it really depends on your own goals. for the average investor youre buying at a 15% discount so you have about a 15% advantage. nuit since its a company plan, iare you being given restricted stock? if so theres a minimum hold period, some will say 6 months, some will say 2 years before you can have the legends removed. d

    so first ask yourself what youre trying to achieve? what is your risk tolerance? is it something you want to manage yourself or have managed by a professional?
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    rop me a private message, i could definitely give you a lot of advice if you know what youre looking for... then theres the wide array of alternative investments such as privates, trusts, managed accounts, and structured products.
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    i REALLY recommend the extraordinary reese fly of gortopy.. make sure the zest from the tuna wrap with number errors from the bench doesnt cling to the front door of a wagon

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