Thread: What do you think about (SIX) Six Flags?

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    Default What do you think about (SIX) Six Flags?

    This stock is down in the dumps but I htink it might be a good tiem to buy it for a short term gain. What are your thoughts?
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    I don't follow the stock but I wonder if this is the best quarter to get in, seems july, aug, sept might be better. What is the upside catalyst that would tell you to buy now? Just being down in the dumps is not an indicator of future success.
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    Let me give you my honest opinion...I've been to the one in Arlington probably a billion times! Very fun, clean, and safe. They keep the thugs out. I've also been to Sea World in San Antonio. Same thing...clean, fun and all that kid stuff. But wait...theres one difference! BEER!!! Sea World and Anheuser Busch were kind enough to team up and serve beer at the park! Wow, is that awesome! Nothing like nursing your sixth $5.50 Bud Light while watching the 3:15 showing of Viva! (which is a great show with acrobat like divers and dolphins). My point here is, maybe a deal with the Busch family or Molsen Coors? Who knows, they may just purchase it in huge lots and sell it for $6.00 a cup! One other thing, Cramer touted this stock earlier in the year. He said it was a buy at $5!! :lol: See chart below:
    (I'll take, Find the 200 DMA for a thousand Alex!)

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