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Thread: waterproof ankle fitness tracker

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    waterproof ankle fitness tracker

    I am looking for a fitness tracker that I can wear on my ankle (at work I do a lot of carrying and pushing so wrist worn trackers are no good) I would also like it to be waterproof so I can leave it on all the time, it being rechargeable would also be a great bonus. I did have a Misfit ray but that stopped working this week after I changed the batteries.

    many thanks

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    I wear a wrist worn tracker but for work I cover it with a towelling sports wristband to protect it against knocks and scrapes.

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    I was going to suggest a wrist one around your ankle. I think the majority of fitness trackers are designed for the wrist, as seeing it on your wrist is an incentive/motivation to get active. Are you monitoring anything in particulat or would a clip on pedometer be sufficent?

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    I was going to suggest a clip on one too. I have a Fitbit one which is clip on. But I'm sure you can get ones that are much cheaper.

    Not come across ones that are waterproof though.

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