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    By 2009, all televisions need to be compatible with digital. This means alot of people are going to have to buy new tvs. Is there any good plays for this???
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    Also, what are your guys opinion on ethanol stocks?
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    That is good thinking, but there will be converters available for $50, and if I remember correctly, the gov. will subsidize around $40 of it. So I don't think that will push many people to buy HDTV's, only those who are looking for an excuse; such as myself
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    This is True. But on the other hand the Old Style TVs will no longer be for sale. I belive Best Buy has already discontinued that line of TVs. If you go to any place that sells TVs you can already see that there are very few if any of the old style left. I expect most will be gone by 2009.
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    I forgot to add this in my previous post. If I am not mistaken Dow Corning makes the glass for the HD TVs. This could be a Long term play but do your DD.

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