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    Default GPS Forex Robot & I am FX trading Broker

    I am setting this thread up for any of the first 1000 customers of the new GPS Forex Robot by Mark Larsen and his team, I intend posting my results on a daily/weekly basis once I am trading live. So hopefully other buyers may come forward for a bit of a chinwag and exchange of views about the products ability to make PIP’s

    Mark also recommends "I am FX" has the trading Broker for the GPS with it having a VPS fully compatible with the EA Robot, do any members of t2w have any experiences of the Broker they would like to share with us?
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    sounds complex....

    I don't think you should be trading the thing live until you have demo'd it for quite a while....

    Be very objective when analyzing offers from brokers. there is often a place where they take money form you after they give you a freebie

    They well know that they are going to take your entire account balance as time passes so they want to paint a pretty picture so that you will put funds in your account.
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    Forget about asking how many pips you are going to make. Ask yourself the following questions

    Where are 'I am FX' regulated? Their address is in panama an offshore location. Why are they located there rather than the UK or US. I bet it's not because the staff are all Panamanian.

    If they go under and disappear will you be compensated?

    If there is a dispute about your account or if they refuse to let you withdraw money who are you going to complain to?

    These are all issues that have occurred before with fx brokers. Have you given any consideration to these issues before sending them your money.
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    Like Blaiserboy says you shouldn't even be using real money on any of these robots, most if not all if them lose money. In fact the whole thing is a bad idea. Sorry to burst your bubble. Ask anyone with a bit of experience and they'll tell you that buying a robot and running it on auto on an offshore unregulated fx account is suicidal. You might as well burn your money.
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    YET...according to the story of GPS robot, Mark commissioned 2 programmers to create it for him and what do you know, it's the TOP rated robot on his robot test site, complete with sign-up link. Also if he is recommending IAMFX, you can bet he is getting a percentage of the spread on your trades whether you win or lose.
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    Thank you for your comments, but I am really looking for members to post who have either bought the GPS Robot or have had a personal good or bad experience with I am FX.

    It would seem the popularity of Robots (based on the comments so for) is below that of commercial trading systems, but with an EA Robot you only get to blame the computer program writer or broker for some sort of bet placing discrepancy.

    I will only be posting live account PIP's data, demo data is worthless and members of t2w will treat it as worthless, however I will be personally demoing it before going live.

    Companies that trade with offshore accounts and offices do so for many different reasons offsetting tax payment being right up near the top, but just below accountability so yes I feel it is very important to get more feedback about the service Iam FX provide. I understand they are new to the market with less than 2 years trading history, but I have not yet found anyone who has made posts stating they have lost their money to this company.

    So I am really looking for factual feedback not just personal opinion on the above two subjects, whilst I do appreciate it may well be given with the very best intentions it does not give me any real evidence that all off shore brokers are crooks and that all Robots will lose your money.

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