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Thread: Help with logbook loan please

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    Help with logbook loan please

    Basically my idiot brother has taken out a logbook loan against our fathers vehicle because he and my father have the same name. He has taken the loan out and has not kept up with the repayments. Can the logbook loan company still reposes the vehicle as the vehicle is not owned by my brother but by my dad

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    Are they at the same address? If not, what address did idiot brother use?

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    Is your father prepared to report your brother to the police?

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    It depends on a crucial factor before deciding the next step.

    What Date of Birth was used?

    If the person used theirs, any action to recover the vehicle will be stopped by the proof of ownership being registered to the father. The guy will then basically be subject to the lender shopping him to the police for fraud, but will protect the vehicle.

    If the person used your dads date of birth? Well, in that case, from the lenders point of view, the car is legally under their ownership until the loan is paid. To stop any action being taken, your dad must file a fraud complaint to Action Fraud and the police.

    Same resolution really. Your brother will be in the proverbial for fraud and the vehicle will be safe.

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