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Thread: Car finance handing me a loan on a plate....

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    Car finance handing me a loan on a plate....

    Just trying to abe extra cautious before I consider a loan from this particular firm...

    So basically I have a bit of adverse history but we are desperate to replace our old car before it conks out completely. I enquired with a rather well known car finance broker who found me a deal straight away. The rate was horrendous however so I parked the idea. They've called me back a week later and said they've found a much better deal. Still not main stream rates but almost half less than the firstborn rate, affordable repayments and zero deposit.

    Why am I getting car finance handed to me on a plate when I can't even get a credit card at the moment?? Are these scams or is it just because it's high interest rate? Is there a clause that I need to know about? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm a bit wary at the moment. A friend said it's easier to get a car on finance than a mobile phone contract these days.

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    The car finance provider will repossess the car if you default/fall behind with payments.

    What will the credit card company repossess if you fall behind with your payments?

    In other words, you're not comparing like with like. One is 'secured' lending, whereas the other is 'unsecured' lending.

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    Thanks for your reply. Well that seems straight forward enough, I'd expect to lose the car if I didn't pay for it. I don't think I'd get accepted by a dealer though would I? Such as Vauxhall or Ford if I went directly.

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    Some car loans are tied to overpriced cars from specific places, so you could be paying quite a bit more than 17% when you factor that in.

    The only way to know if you would be accepted for manufacturer finance is to try. A decent deposit would help.

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