Thread: Closing the Strait of Hormuz?

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    Default Closing the Strait of Hormuz?

    Outside of Iran, does any organization recognize a right of Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz? Is this their waterway?
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    Iran claims it is their water way

    but it is a critical choke point for about 15% oof the worlds oil shipping

    They are courting disaster

    I read the the US is sending the Enterprise to the PGulf

    This is the oldest carrier in service and due to be decomissioned in 2014

    if it gets attacked or sunk, it would certainly be an ideal "false flag" excuse to attack Iran and save the expense of decomissioning the 8 nuclear reactors.

    I would not want to be one of the 1700 sailors on that ship
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    Its not the first time Iran attacked a ship and we sunk a few of theirs over it.
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    USS Abraham Lincoln, Carl Vinson, and soon the Enterprise

    that will put three carrier groups in the Arabian sea/Persian gulf area

    more saber rattling or mobilizing for war ?
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    Iranian-International and Omani waters makeup the straight

    Oman is western friendly with a Brit and American forces presence

    The UK also has its latest destroyer and who know how many more ships close

    we need some practise before the falklands starts back up again

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