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    The one thing that for me stands head and shoulders, no pun inrtended, above everything else on filtering my entry signals is to wait for the price after the signal bar to move outside the range of the signal bar.

    If that requirment requires me to forego too many points before entry then that begs the question, if the price has moved so far off the extreme of the signal bar to the close of the signal bar, what does that tell me about potential price development?

    In the eternal battle between risk and reward, you have to choose the right partner, but there is no absolute or objective right answer. Only that with which you can most comfortably work, hour after hour, day after day.
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    I trade with the trend and look for pullbacks, regressions to the mean to signal a potential trading opportunity. It is when the pullback loses steam and the trend begins to reassert itself that I am prepped for entry. The basis for establishing pullback losing momentum and trend reassetting itself can be determined from any number of technical perspectives or even discretionary ones. I prefer using technical procedures and processes as discretionary trading falls foul, for me, of the Cold-Hot Gap.
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    Is the difference between what you think you will do in a given situation when viewed objectively, rationally and in the cold light of day and what you end up doing when you're actually in that situation when there's more heat than light and it's all happening at once and more than you ever anticiapted.
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    For me the trend is very simply where the 10 period MA is in relation to the 50 period MA. Job done.

    If the 10 is above the 50 it's an upward if below it's a downward trend. When the price pushes above the 10 period MA in an up trend, I'm looking at buying. When price is below the 10 in an up trend it's regressing to the 50 period mean. When price comes to a rest on the 50 period MA I'm ready for it to either cease the pullback and start off up again, or, it'll cross down through the 50. In which case, I'll wait for the 10 to cross down and we're ready for trading short on the down trend. I've tried making it more complex than this and it's easily possible to do so and also quite unnecessary.

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