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    Default What are bollinger bands?

    What are bollinger bands? What do they determine? How do you use them? I watched some youtube videos of these guys who trade entirely with bollinger bands.
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    I would check out the site in your signature line. It looks like it may hold the answer.

    Bollinger Bands serve a purpose, but as with all indicators, must be studied and applied by the user with sound risk and trade management.
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    I can tell you all about bollinger bands, but its just easier to give the link

    It is very commonly used indicator and you should know how to use it.
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    Bollinger bands are a measure of price volatility over a predetermined timeframe.

    For example, the base Bollinger band setting in most trading platforms is 20,2 which means two standard deviations (95% of all occurances) above and below based on the the price activity of the last 20 periods.

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