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    Default How did you get a capital?

    it's very interesting how you was capitalized after you became consistently profitable?
    I'm trading 3y by now and it seems I started to be consistently profitable on my small retail account. But I'm undercapitalized and I don't want to risk more than 2% of my capital per trade in order to earn more
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    Please share how did you get a capital when you was undercapitalized or any ways you see for a consistently profitable trader to get more capital.
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    The old fashioned way....I earned it.
    As far as for attracting investors (in my experience)...if you are profitable enough...they will find you and you will have to fend them off with a stick.
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    I live really poor. I could give a retarded donkey's butthole about nice things. Crappy apartment, crappy truck, crappy clothes. I'll choose watching my bankroll grow over spending it any day. I cut grass for somebody else, live with a girlfriend who makes just as much as me, and we are able to put away about 1k a month because we live so poor.

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