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    Default "No one ever went broke..."

    "taking a profit." Whoever wrote that...

    So simple yet I can't seem to discipline myself & follow the advice.
    I have squandered so much the past couple of weeks just because I'm holding on to positions hoping for the big payoff instead of selling while I'm in the green & moving on.
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    Oh man, yoyomama. I'm surprised that the masses on here have not whipped you silly for your sins.

    I recall, way back when, when I first started back up, all the articles and books I'd read on how robotic and emotionless we had to be in order to be successful. I remember the first trade, making something like $100 and being happy with it, and doing it again and again, and even being happy with $50-60 trades, then steadily moving up to $400-800 trades and then a few over $2,000.
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    I still read all the time, about traders and their biggest mistakes and they actually mention that many don't hold long enough, however, it sounds like you are holding on too long and the price drops on you.

    Just the act of typing/confessing your sins on here is already acknowledgment of you knowing what you need to do differently. I know I have gotten better as I don't fret nearly as much when I get out and see that the price still went up a bit, sometimes a lot, but I move on and look for and wait for the next trade.

    You'll get better.
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    Aaahh it's fine...gettin' it out was more like therapy for me.

    I've been playing with larger share numbers this week which is a blast when it goes up but not so much when it goes down...I just need to cut loose a little sooner on some profits & bank. Thanks.
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    Greetings YoyoMama,

    I have the opposite problem as you i almost always bail out to early usually after about 15% gains i take profits and it ends up going higher so now i'm only selling half when i think i want out. Scaling out has been a much better strategy for me cause you still keep the stock you love but lock in your profits in case it heads south.

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