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    Hi guys, first time poster here from Canada. What does everyone think about etrade--ETFC. Earnings comming out next wednesday, currently trading in the lower 4 range. How big of a gamble is this, If earnings are good (hits or above estimates) i see this going to (5.50-6.50) no idea what it'll do if they don't hit the estimates though. Any thoughts??
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    A couple recent downgrades, Raymond James starting them at mkt perform, and the fading of takeover rumors have hurt ETFC. The 3 apr interview with Donald Layton (CEO) was also very damaging. I would be looking for upside catalysts before taking a long stock position of any weight, but might speculate on the proposition they are over beat at this level.
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    So basically a gamble on their earnings outcome next week. hmm could go either way i guess
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    The Canadians are invading....
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    You would think that most (online) brokers would be on par with each other, seeing as they primarily do the same thing, they charge clients for executing orders. Why is ETFC's stock price so low?? What happened??

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