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    Default Dynamic Trader methodology (Robert Miner)

    I have recently purchased and read the 'Dynamic Trading' book written by Robert Miner. His approach to trading is one that seems to gell quite nicely with the way I now view the market.

    There have been generally positive comments on the web about the trading course and software that are also available. One such comment is here.

    As well as the trading methodology, I also found the sample trading plans in the book to be particularly helpful. The sample layouts for how to do a trade journal are also especially good; worksheets for trade setup and entry, trade management, and trade critique of a closed trade.

    I was wondering whether any T2W members have purchased the course and software.
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    1/ How does the software stand up? Are upgrades provided free forever afterwards?

    2/ Is the trading course a step by step approach on how to use the software, or more just general overviews of certain areas, as typified by the free educational reports available on the Dynamic Trader's website?

    3/ How is the customer service?

    Any feedback greatfully appreciated. Thanks!
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    I bought the book, read it five times, tried the time projections with a spreadsheet, made some money and reinvested it in the software! The course and software is expensive but is worth every penny.

    But be warned, you need to commit a lot of time into studying the course. And then you need to study your charts, it's not a fast, no effort solution to fortunes. It took me two months of evenings to study the course and one month to analyse all FT100 conpanies. After that I spend well less than an hour a night updating the charts.

    He is not a rip-off merchant and his method works.
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    Just noticed the date of your post - did you buy the course/software. Would be interested to here from you if you did, as I'd like to talk to someone using the same methodology.
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    I read the book recently and was so interested in the concepts that I bought the software. I'm still in the learning stage, but so far it looks very impressive.

    Please private email me, as I'd like to discuss things in more detail.

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