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    Default The cursed neighborhood house.

    We've had a house next to us that seems to be possessed. Every family in there has been a challenge for our neighborhood.
    This is not a cheap house... the original price plus improvements is in the $900k range.

    1) Original owners. Dropped off their three dogs for a week before moving in. English Mastiffs. Barked non-stop for a week, loud enough that you could put your hand on my bedroom window and feel the window pane vibrate. They turned the property in to a mini-neverland ranch. Trampoline, batting cage, putting green with pitching area. Their kid used to whack golf balls that would go all over the neighborhood. I was standing next to my truck one day when a ball came over, narrowly missed me, hit the side of my truck and left a very large dent. When I went over to their house to complain, I got a lecture on how much money their golf complex cost them, and how if I were to just not park in my driveway, this would not be a problem. No kidding. This same family adopted a 4 yr old kid from a Mexican orphanage, and after three years took him back X2 no kidding.
    They eventually moved back to AZ, but kept the house as a rental property.

    2) First renters ($3000 / month!!!). More dog problems. They had 4 or 5 dogs over the course of their stay, a few of which got thinned out by coyotes. Their dogs were all over the neighborhood, frequently in my yard, in my garage, in my garbage. They would get down and harass my chickens. I woke up one morning to my flock being slaughtered. Could have been coyotes, but I have my doubts. This family also inconsiderate. The dad shot off a model rocket that failed to deploy the chute, and it came down and penetrated my roof surface. Literally stuck right in it. My wife noticed him just walking onto our property, with an intention of climbing on the roof of my house to get his rocket. They would also have parties that brought in 200 people at a time. Literally could not navigate my truck and trailer up my road when they had their events. Their kids used to ride ATVs through neighboring yards too.

    3) Newest neighbors. Don't know if they bought or if they are leasing. They have been in for a month, and they still have their uncovered furniture in their driveway, along with weight benches, tool boxes, and here is the latest and greatest annoyance... bee hives. Probable 15 or 20 hives. These bees have found my garden pond, and are swarming it.

    I am at a loss for understanding what is going on with folks these days. I don't care what somebody does on their property, as long as their emissions stay on their property. Emissions being : kids, dogs, golf balls, noise, rockets, bees, whatever.

    Guess I'll make up a bunch of bee traps. 15 or 20 should probably do it.
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    Frank just buy the darn thing and be rid of your problems.
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    You might want to think that one over Frank..... There is a neighbor the other side of that house as well. Most likely have to buy up two properties.

    Wow the value of good neighbors is explainable.... We have several here, just the best people you could hope for. Up at the ranch I have one. Our closest one, we have never gotten along. Most likely never will. Makes a hellish relationship, when thing could be so much better smooth....

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