Thread: should we all be buying GOIG today?

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    Default should we all be buying GOIG today?

    I don't understand this. Down below .01, with what I perceived as favorable news on June 16th. ?? What's with that? This seems to be going down in price with the anouncement of good news.
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    It's over sold, you can comfortably buy at .01 and almost guarantee it wont go below.
    MM's wont let this run until numbers come out. So I wouldn't jump on board until it does run.
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    This was a pump and dump that is over...

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    Red, thank you for that. But,-- being as I am bought in at an average of .0209 for quite a few dollars. (for me) I am thinking that my only real option is to buy in on these lows and play the small moves until I get my investment paid way down. I don't mind buying and selling for small profits as a way to pay off mistakes. I guess what you are leaning towards, is that it may be a lost cause and I would be better off to lick my wounds and stay away from it. I hope there is a better solution, but acknowledge that I may be SOL on this one.

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