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    Ok, i learned my day trading method the hard way, simply by making mistakes on live trading accounts over and over again, after lots of of practise I am now confident and get results. However since I have only had live education on trading and not read a single book would it be of benefit for me to enhance this with something like the Nial Fuller course? He covers all the basics in there and it's only a couple of 100. Also, since Nial trades longer term would it even have any benefit for me using his literature as a day trader? As well of your opinions on that, what else would you recommend? How did you enhance your trading method?
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    If you are trading intraday, in particular Forex, this is a great book and its free - How To Really Use Pivots eBook | Forex Useful - If the link is not allowed google "How To Really Use Pivots Forex Useful"

    OK, it explains pivots but it also tells you what direction the market is likely to move depending on where the market opened and what pivot is being hit at present, absolutely invaluable in my opinion - Obviously of no use to those trading Daily charts or higher
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    It helped me a lot to test my method. I just turned back with the charts, let's say three months. I started to observe that some chart formations produce better results.
    Then I tested my method again using the filters I found. If I observed other things I was testing them again. That helped me to select only the best setups.
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    If you lack ideas, you may read the book by Marcel Link - High Probability Trading
    I haven't finished to read it yet, but it has a lot of valid ideas for filtering your trades.

    You can also test different exit strategies

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