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    Default Goldman below $50 per share

    Where is Paulson with his bailout money? They need billions now!
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    What do you think about an announcement over the weekend that GS and C will merge? It's been in the news before and from the looks of C today, something is going to have to happen. That would probably drop GS quite a bit from here. Just a thought.
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    My question would be, why would GS want to merge with C? C is one of the most poorly run companies with a awful business model. JPM buys C or C goes under. With that being said I dont see how GS can survive. GS and MS should merge to buy some time.
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    I think they should all just.....DIE PIGS DIE!
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    Ignorance rears its' head again, why would Citi merge with Goldman when it has its' own investment bank. If Citi were to fall hard, the government would bail them out instantly, too big to fail imo. Lou do you know anything about Citi? Do you realize their presence? They don't just make bad investments that was about 5% of the company, the GTS portion of Citi has been growing for the past 19 quarters. I personally believe Vikram is a good CEO but that's my 2 cents.

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