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    Default T2 Market Indicators Stocks & Free stocks Charts

    T2 Market Indicators Stocks & Free stocks Charts

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    Hi .
    I m new in Stocks Trade .Anybody can tell me about this Charts .There are a kind of Stocks or what else
    Because I can't any T2 Stock in the Trading station . Thanks a lot
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    They are market indicators to assist you in guaging the health of the market (bull or bear).
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    Let's use analogy. Think of it like tools used for meteorology. It helps detect changes in pressure, temperature, which may or may not predict a weather change. Let's say the devices may say that there are signs of an impeding tornado or hurricane so start preparing. It may happen or it may not happen--it's not a crystal ball. All the T series indicators measure various things like volatility, 52 week highs, etc. You can use one or combine them all together and see what works for you.
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    Can you (or anyone) tell me how to use ( T2 ) ,example :T2123 or T2101 . What kind of Stocks it standing for ,how it work . or tell me where can I learn about it ?
    Thank you TradeLikeStock

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