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Thread: what now!

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    what now!

    After almost 4 years of trying we have finally managed to downsize.

    This has left my wife and myself with a 100,000 cash we are both

    retired with private and state pensions

    What now: wealth manager or diy; income being the main aim.

    I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

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    Assuming you've not already spent this since you posted, it probably depends on how much hands on management you want. I'd consider drip feeding it into some income funds, from the likes of Artemis, Cazenove, Invesco Perpetual, Unicorn etc, or alternatively, investment trusts, such as Temple Bar, Edinburgh, or Finsbury Growth & Income.

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    Assuming that you have not yet invested - then I would suggest the following :-
    1. Put a sum into an easy access account for emergencies.
    2. Ensure your ISAs are filled.
    3. Split your cash between the following as I have done :-
    a. Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Fund. [ 5% ]
    b. Invesco Perpetual Distribution Fund. [ 4.3% ]
    c. Schroder Income Maximiser Fund. [ 7% ]
    These funds pay a good rate of return and have served me well over the past years - the only downside is that you have to accept the ups and downs of the stock market but if you stay invested they are only paper profits and losses.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the ideas. As with most house sales things did not go to plan,
    the sale and money did not complete until 28 March.I have put some cash
    in easy access ,used both our cash isa allowance's.
    I have opened a stocks and shares isa and deposited the rest of this year's
    allowance. What Now!

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    I would certainly go down the route I have suggested, however I would seriously look at the returns from your cash ISAs if income is important as the returns are rubbish at present - who have you opened your stocks and shares ISA with? you really need to use an independent broker [eg Hargreaves Lansdown ] to avoid initial charges on your investments.
    Additionally you can invest outside your ISA if you have surplus funds and transferring them into your ISA as the new ISA year commences on 6 April.
    Hope this helps

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