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    Sharepad / Sharescope

    Does anyone use either of these ? If so do they find it worthwhile ? There is a special offer running at the moment, 25 for 3 months

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    Almost succumbed to the offer myself this weekend as I was interested in identifying 200 moving day averages of funds...but found a way of getting what I wanted via google sheets & the googlefinance function.

    but accept there is much more functionality Sharepad could offer.

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    Thanks for this. 200day movng averages was one of the things I wanted it for.

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    It's not perfect (a bit of a bind to identify the Funds "tag" within Googlefinance & a couple of my funds are returning zero values at the moment)... but for all my funds, ITs, direct shares I've sheet cells coloured green if latest price > 200MA & red if latest price < 200MA

    For Fundsmith class T (yeah I brought the wrong version in TD direct & not swapped to I class)...into your google sheets cell cut & paste the following...
    200 MA (need to select more than 200 days to account for weekends etc):
    =average(query(sort(GoogleFinance("FUND_EQUI_T_1UJ O18H","Price",TODAY()-300, TODAY()),1,0),"Select Col2 limit 200"))

    Latest price:

    To get 12,25 or whatever moving averages change the "limit 200" to what you need.

    Some shares/IT's need their EPIC prefixed with "LON:" e.g. "PLI" works as is but for FCS you need "LON:FCS"

    The easiest way to identify the "tag" - FUND_EQUI_T_1UJO18H...type the fund name in the search field on soon as you start typing "Fundsmith" the available classes turn up to select from...although for very long fund names with many classes cutting & pasting entire long name tends to be required.

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