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    Default Leading Limit / Trailing Stop Advice Needed

    Please add your opinion about a "leading limit" as a strategy.

    Trailing stops react to market movement. What if limits also react to market movement?

    Is it reasonable to increase a limit if the market is trending in its direction and conversely, decrease the limit if the market is trending against its direction?

    Does anyone use "leading limits"?
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    Advice rom me is suspect. However, an idea, perhaps.

    How about trying a channel trend, taking a profit over the top and buying in, again, on the bottom line? It depends, of course on the whether it is worth the trouble, if it is for a few points and you might get a lower high, signalling a down move. Frankly, I've tried this, without too much success, unless one is in at the start of a new trend. With an old trend it is better to take profit on a leading limit, feel fortunate and wait and see what happens next.

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