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    Hi Everyone
    I am a man of 60 thinking of retiring early, i have been told that i will still have to pay National insurance until my expected retirement date which is 66, is this correct.

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    You can pay voluntary NI class 3 contributions if you need to add to your state pension if you are short of the full amount but you do not have to pay them. Have you had a state pension forecast ?

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    Only if you can/want to increase your State pension.

    What is your current State pension forecast?

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    You only *have* to pay NI until your retirement date if you earn enough to be actually liable for NI (Currently 157 per week.)

    If you're not earning that much, then see above about voluntarily paying it, if you need to.

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    I have already paid in enough contributions to get my full state pension at 66, but I was told that if I retire early at 60,then the N.I. will still have to be paid until I am 66

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