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    Default Well, are you a birther or not?

    I see that Sheriff Joe in AZ is running an investigation. Hopefully he won't have the same wine that Breitbart had.

    A year or so ago, when the birth cert was published on the white house web site, I saw the initial analysis by a graphics guru who pointed out that the document had a dozen or so layers that you could turn on or off, filling in some of the blanks. He also pointed out that some of the handwriting was exceptionally pixelated, and some was not.

    Weird, huh? I'm amazed that there has not been more direct media exposure (even in the conservative media) regarding this.
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    I saw this story as soon as it came out, went to the whitehouse web site and downloaded it for myself to look at. I'll be doggone. They were right, and my blood ran cold.

    So....put me down for hell yes.
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    Not being a real big Fan of Sheriff Joe, I'll have to look at his end findings with the same amount of suspicion I look at Obama's Birth Records with....maybe a little more!

    That said, I'm a potential Birther but the simple fact is, he's been President, he's already done the damage and if we hang him now for being low down and high smelling, that damage isn't going away.
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    I have to say I flip flop on this, but mostly I come up thinking that there have got to be more people who could have been anointed than just Obama, so selecting him, if you believe in that conspiracy, would not have been their best choice. Although I am fascinated by the layers. I do use Photoshop and took a good look at that. A big puzzle to me.
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    I'm pretty confused by the three votes that indicate that 10 layers of text, including digital pen signatures are not suspicious. I'd love to hear their reasons why.

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