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Thread: Need advice on settling debt with debt buyer/lawyer

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    Need advice on settling debt with debt buyer/lawyer

    My friend received notice from a debt collector who is also the lawyer. It's an old credit card debt that was written off by cc company but is still within the sol.
    We can see charge off on credit report. But cannot find any objective evidence that it was paid off, he thought it was paid by his parents years ago when he first became ill. He does work and co owns home his parents helped him buy so there is shared equity.
    His credit is poor so he can't refinance and his parents are also on mortgage.
    Do you think they will settle or does his shared equity make that unlikely? Also is it likely if he doesn't settle that they will Lien shared property? Attached wages?

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    Any one have any feedback on this scenario?
    Or should we just bite the bullet and hire a lawyer?

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    How much is the debt and is the current creditor the original creditor or a debt buyer?

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    The balance is just over 6000. The debt was sold to buyer who also runs the law firm threatening suit.

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    Sorry, but we can really use some help here. Can anyone recommend a low cost attorney?

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