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Thread: Where to discuss RBC Avion stuff?

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    Where to discuss RBC Avion stuff?

    Is this basically the only place on FT to discuss anything and everything related to obtaining air travel by redeeming Avion miles?

    I have some US Airways miles that I'm wondering if I can combine with redeeming Avion miles for an itin that will go something like this: YXU - ORD - SFO and SFO - YYZ - YXU.

    I have 27,450 dividend miles that I'd like to burn up - no idea what that gets me these days, or even if they can be used for flights operated by Air Canada or United.

    If scheduling works out, the ORD-SFO and/or SFO-YYZ could be Dividend Miles (not sure if they can be redeemed piecemeal like that) and the rest could be Avion.

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    US Airways has left Star Alliance and joined OneWorld as part of the merger with American Airlines. This means that Dividend Miles can no longer be redeemed for travel on Star Alliance airlines such as Air Canada or United, but they can be redeemed for travel on American Airlines.

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    In the long run (a year or so?) your US miles will become AA miles. At that point, you may be able to redeem on WestJet, since AA has a partnership to some degree with them (at the very least codeshares).

    AA does fly ORD-SFO. I doubt A flies SFO-YYZ nonstop (other than a WestJet codeshare), but it does of course fly it with connections.

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    You can't redeem miles on Westjet, as you mentioned, they only have codeshares.

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    I would convert Avion to BAEC as Avios seems to be a better value depending on where you fly from.

    I just transferred all my Avion over to BAEC (~200k avion).

    They have a 50% bonus promotion on right now. 1 Avion -> 1.5 Avios

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