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    I am interested in getting together a group that is interested in swing trading. This would be done by phone text. Think that would be better than email. I have 4 of 5 stocks that I like to look at and when they start going up and down very good during the day I like to work on them. Leave me a message and we will swap info and phone numbers.
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    For those that do not know what I am talking about it works this way. Say Coke has been going up and down good during the day. Let's say I put in an order for a thousand shares at 40 dollars per share. I want to get out of it at 41 dollars a share, making a thousand dollars on the swing.
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    A $41 stock is pretty expensive. The example you used, Coke, also has a .50 beta, meaning it could take weeks or months to move that dollar you are talking about. My advice is, choose cheaper stocks, with a higher beta. Buy a 10k shares of $4 stock with a > 1 beta, and swing it for .10 cents for the same $1000

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